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Calendar 2018 - A4 sized (shipping included)


Image of Calendar 2018 - A4 sized (shipping included)
  • Image of Calendar 2018 - A4 sized (shipping included)
  • Image of Calendar 2018 - A4 sized (shipping included)
  • Image of Calendar 2018 - A4 sized (shipping included)

You will be the first one to see these blurred images since they are completely new and unseen!

As loved as previous years, my calendar in A4-size continues this year.
It contains 13 single-sided pages with new, unseen images as well as some popular favourites. A mixture of latex and lingerie with beautiful models. some of them are Sister Sinister, Shelly D'inferno, Psylocke, Miss Loulou, Josefine Jönsson, Elegy Ellem. Previews on two months. Please note, text will not be on the actual calendar and merely for preview only.

Size: A4 (210 mm x 280 mm)
Only a limited amount so order early to not miss out on yours.

Please note***
All packages are shipping included, but if you want tracking this will be needed to be bought as an extra, see my shop for international or within Sweden.

- Bronze option will include a signature on the calendar (no messages
- Silver option will include dedication or/and personalised handwritten message.
- Gold option will include dedication/signature and a lipstick kiss on the calendar's cover
- Diamond will include an extra A4-print, lipstick kiss, personal message/signature and I will also mark your birthday with a heart. (please write which date in the note!)

300 kr = 31 euro / 36 usd
350 kr = 36,2 euro / 42 usd
400kr = 41,2 euro / 48 usd
500 kr = 51,5 euro / 60 usd

- shipping end of November /early December
- Discounts are not applicable on calendars.
- If you want to purchase calendar AND prints, the prints will be needed to be bought in separate orders.