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  • All prints are sent in tubes or special carton to kept safe. 

  • Customers must provide correct info such as full name and address.

  • Tracking is only available if purchased in store. Please purchase the product called "tracking A4 or A3" and choose for the correct size.

  • All prints are sent from Sweden. I do recommend if you live in Australia, USA, Canada or Mexico to buy tracking. Anytime really.

  • Special offers are usually active for 1 month. Therefore prints will be sent out after the offer has ended and the prints are signed.

  • Please allow 1-8 weeks for shipping (after I have shipped the prints).

  • If prints get stuck in customs, please have patience since I can not make it go faster. I always write that it is photo prints on the tubes.


  • I can not refund lost items in the mail.

  • If the damages is caused by me or if I have sent the wrong print(s) I will of course find a way to compensate you. 

  • If it's lost in the mail or damaged during shipping you must turn to your local mail office. Please notify me and I will try to help out the best I can.