Calendar 2020 (shipping included)

Image of Calendar 2020 (shipping included)

So many has bought and many of you missed out because it was sold out. I will order 10 more, but only 5 of them are available since the other ones are reserved. Make sure to get yours now!

8 New Unseen images of your favourite models for next year! You will be the first to see them when you order a calendar.

As loved as previous years, my calendar in A3-size continues this year.
It contains 13 single-sided pages with new, unseen images as well as some popular favourites. A mixture of latex and lingerie with beautiful models. Starfucked,Josefine Jönsson, Insanitea, Elegy Ellem, Calamity Amelie, Amina Selling and Lenore Caine will all be featured.

Planning to give as a gift? Let me know who to dedicate it to in the note!
I pack all calendars carefully with wrapping paper & bubble wrap, along with cute stickers to give it that extra personalised touch.

- Bronze option will include a signature on the calendar (no messages)

- Silver option will include dedication or/and personalised handwritten message.
(please which name it should be dedicated too, and what message you’d like)

- Gold option will include dedication/signature and a lipstick kiss on the calendar's cover (please include which name it should be dedicated too, and what message you’d like in note)

- Diamond will include an A4-print (signed and kissed on), lipstick kissed calendar, personal message/signature and I will also mark your birthday with a heart and birthday wish. (please write which date in the note!)

APPROX PRICES IN EURO AND USD (shipping included!)
Bronze - 450 kr = 49.65 usd / 43.60 euro
Silver - 500 kr = 55.17usd / 48.44 euro
Gold - 550 kr = 60.68 usd/ 53.29 euro
Diamond - 650 kr = 71,72 usd / 62.97 euro

**** Please read:****

-Size: A3, 28 x 37 cm
- If you want to buy prints and a calendar, please make separate orders because I can't ship print and calendar together.

-Shipping: They will be shipped out in the end of November/beginning of December

-Shipping cost is included but NOT tracked. If you want tracking this will be needed to be bought as an extra, buy here:

-Personalised messages:
I will decline if I feel that it's something I can't stand for. I will not accept message requests that say or implement that we have/had some kind of (sexual) relationship.

-Coupons/discounts can’t be used for calendars.